The Red Christmas Album

The Red Christmas Album released by Lola and The Red Hots back in 2002 is available again just in time for the holiday season.

You can buy it via CDBaby.

Here’s what Chris Riemenschneider (Star Tribune of the Twin Cities) had to say about the album back in 2002:

If there are any Tina Schlieske fans among us who still don’t know that Lola & the Red Hots is an alter-ego project of the former B-Sides frontwoman, then have I got a nice little Christmas item to put under your tree.

Tina and her band of merry crankers have just put out their first real CD after about five years of semi-secretive live shows. That the all-for-fun all-star band is debuting with a holiday album called “Have Yourself a Red Little Christmas” seems fitting.
“It was the perfectly fun thing to do with this band,” Schlieske said by phone Tuesday from her home in Santa Barbara, Calif.
Started during the B-Sides’ mid-’90s heyday, when things had gotten a little too serious for Tina’s troupe, Lola & the Red Hots today includes former B-Siders Laura Schlieske (sis) and Troy Norton (guitar), singers Jennifer Goforth and Natalie Carroll, plus local everywhere-men Dave Russ, Tom Peterson, Jimmy Kennedy and David Hitone.

Tina said she has always wanted to do a holiday CD. “I’m a sucker for ’em,” she said. In keeping with all things Lola, the band plays loose and from-the-hip with “Winter Wonderland,” “Blue Christmas” and a thankfully E-Street-less “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.”

Lola and The Red Family Band, the 2013 iteration of the project, has a show coming up on Dec. 14 at The Cabooze.