Street Date for Barricade 4/22/14 + Album Release Show Announced!

we finally have everything off to print for our new album Barricade…some of you have received a download of our new record in advance thru PledgeMusic…unfortunately our campaign is over so the ‘official’ release date is for April 22nd…people who made a Pledge however will receive their copy of the CD around April 15th.

well we couldn’t be more excited about this record…besides the usual line-up, Tina, Laura, Jeremy, Troy and Ron we have a few other Minneapolis musicians contributing…Pete Sands (Hookers $ Blow), Ken Chastain (Greazy Meal), Matt Darling & Steve Kung (Hookers $ Blow), Molly Maher and Lola’s very own Hotties Jennifer Goforth and Natalie Carroll!
we also got to work with Andrija Tokic, who produced and mixed the Alabama Shakes, mix some songs for us and rounding it out for us is Patrik Tanner, who used to be in the band and produced Monster, produced the record with Tina.

we are also excited to announce that we will be having our Album Release Show on Saturday, May 10th at First Ave…some of you may know we’ve had just about every release show at First Ave and we are thrilled that we are back for this one….this show will be big with a few surprises and a few guests joining us…make sure to get your tickets early and stay tuned for more info!!