Pledge to Help Us Release the New B-Sides Album

We are excited to announce the official launch of our PledgeMusic campaign. Your support will help us with the making of and release of the first new Tina and The B-Sides album in a long, long time. We are so excited about our new album and we … [Read more]

Update for New B-Sides Album

well i am happy to announce that we are pretty much finished with the new record!! we may have a few tweaks here and there but for the most part we are done so now we are off to mix, master, then manufacture...due to all of this we are pushing back … [Read more]

Tina and the B-Sides Show in Minneapolis Nov. 9th

Tina and the B-Sides will play a show on November 9th at Icehouse in Minneapolis on Saturday November 9th, 2013. Tickets are on-sale now at: … [Read more]

More Details about ‘One of the Boys’

About a year and a half ago I asked my friend Patrik if he would be interested in doing a a little project with me...I wanted to do a cover album of songs by the guy bands that were all around me when I first started the B-Sides. It wasn’t the … [Read more]

Speaking of Sweet Relief…

Laura and I went to a party celebrating producer Sheldon Gomberg who was at the helm for Sweet Relief III: Pennies From Heaven...we got to meet and hang with some of the other artists who contributed to the record...Victoria Williams, Ron Sexsmith, … [Read more]

Update: Sweet Relief III: Pennies From Heaven will be released Sept 3rd!

recorded Joe Cocker’s version of ‘With A Little Help From My Friends’ with Laura singing backies...the whole album is fantastic with amazing artists contributing to this very good cause...For more info go to … [Read more]

New B-Side Album Update

We finished tracking on June 20th!!...we recorded the album in a whirlwind of 10 days but with Patrik and the band in Minnesota and Laura and I back in Cali, it’s been a slow process of doing overdubs and vocal comps! We are still hoping for a Fall … [Read more]

New B-Sides Album!

We are writing and recording new material for a Tina and the B-Sides album to be tentatively released in early Oct 2013. After doing a few shows with the B-Sides during the past couple of years it just felt like the right time to get together and do … [Read more]

Studio is booked!

The B-Sides are heading into the studio in June!! Keep checking the site for video dairy entries and other news and pics! … [Read more]

Free Music!

Each time we reach a certain number of subscribers for our email list I will unlock another rare song from the archives! You can help by letting your friends know about the new site and get them to sign up! … [Read more]