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We are excited to announce the official launch of our PledgeMusic campaign. Your support will help us with the making of and release of the first new Tina and The B-Sides album in a long, long time.

We are so excited about our new album and we hope you will be a part of it…click the image below to learn about all of our exclusives when you make a pledge towards our project!

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-Tina and the B-Sides


Update for New B-Sides Album

well i am happy to announce that we are pretty much finished with the new record!! we may have a few tweaks here and there but for the most part we are done so now we are off to mix, master, then manufacture…due to all of this we are pushing back our release date until March 2014…i know it seems like a long way off but we really want to do this right and i think you will like what you hear!

our next step will then be getting it to YOU so…we will be starting our own crowd funding campaign with Pledge Music…i know that it seems like everyone and their dog has done one of these things lately and i cringed at the thought of asking for help but the truth is, it works…fans get cool exclusive stuff as well as an advance copy of the album and the band gets supported by cool people…what could be better?! anyway, more on that later when we launch our campaign in the next week or two…

Tina and the B-Sides Show in Minneapolis Nov. 9th

Tina and the B-Sides will play a show on November 9th at Icehouse in Minneapolis on Saturday November 9th, 2013.

Tickets are on-sale now at:

More Details about ‘One of the Boys’

About a year and a half ago I asked my friend Patrik if he would be interested in doing a a little project with me…I wanted to do a cover album of songs by the guy bands that were all around me when I first started the B-Sides. It wasn’t the easiest of things to be a woman wanting to do rock in the predominantly male Minneapolis music scene back then. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, I felt very fortunate to be in the Minneapolis music scene. And yes, there were incredible women musicians in bands back then but I wasn’t the cute cool alternative chick or the cool hard core punk chick. I wanted to be one of the boys, I wanted to play rock and roll. I felt like the character in West Side Story Anybodys, the tom boy who wanted to run with the Jets…anyway cut to last April, I flew to Minnesota and cut a 6 song EP with Patrik Tanner. I told him I wanted to take all these songs by guys and do them as a girl…if Ronnie Spector and Dusty Springfield were doing these songs. We chose tracks by Soul Asylum, Husker Du, The Jayhawks, Prince, The Replacements and Bob Dylan. I tired to be as ‘girly’ as possible, singing in a higher key and not relying on any rock and roll ammo. The result is One Of The Boys – Pinned Up, a completely different album for me, one of which I’m really proud of. We are in the process of designing the cover (which is a WHOLE other look for me, trust me) and we will hopefully be able to release it this Fall maybe sooner!!…stay tuned…updates will be posted here!!!

Speaking of Sweet Relief…

Laura and I went to a party celebrating producer Sheldon Gomberg who was at the helm for Sweet Relief III: Pennies From Heaven…we got to meet and hang with some of the other artists who contributed to the record…Victoria Williams, Ron Sexsmith, Eleni Mandell and Rickie Lee Jones! Here are some pics…

Update: Sweet Relief III: Pennies From Heaven will be released Sept 3rd!

recorded Joe Cocker’s version of ‘With A Little Help From My Friends’ with Laura singing backies…the whole album is fantastic with amazing artists contributing to this very good cause…For more info go to

New B-Side Album Update

We finished tracking on June 20th!!…we recorded the album in a whirlwind of 10 days but with Patrik and the band in Minnesota and Laura and I back in Cali, it’s been a slow process of doing overdubs and vocal comps! We are still hoping for a Fall release, hopefully early Oct so please keep checking back for more updates!!

In the Studio Diary – 6/19/13

…holy crap am I tired…we all are!!
Our last day and I finished the last of the vocals…wasn’t sure if we would finish!! It has been an incredible 10 days but not without some bumps…it wouldn’t be making an album if there wasn’t some tension here and there but we all survived. I have to say that I think this is one of our best albums we have ever done…everyone sounds so good, like we never stopped playing together. There will be plenty of good old ‘B-Side’ sounding songs for you and hopefully some new sounds that you really like. One thing different I did this time around was give Laura a song to sing, all these years and she hasn’t had her own song on a B-Side record so she has one now and it kicks ass!! The band and I are so excited for you to hear what we have done!!! Keep checking back for the latest on this release…

In the Studio Diary – 6/19/13

Troy is finishing up some last guitar parts here and there…Rob our engineer is wearing FAA approved headphones just to give you a little insight on the volume. Molly Maher, another fine Minneapolis musician, stopped by today to lay down her dobro on a track!

In the Studio Diary – 6/18/13

The Hotties came in for some added back up support!! For those of you that don’t know, I play in another band along with Laura and Troy, called Lola and the Red Family Band (formally the Red Hots) and we had Jennifer Goforth (Bobbi Jo Red) and Natalie Carroll (Tammy Wynette Faye Baker Red) come and join Laura (Ester Mae Red) on some back ground vocals and it sounds f*ckin’ amazing!!!! We also had Ken Chastain (Greazy Meal and various other Mpls bands!) come down and lay down some congas and perc on a track…so, so lucky to have incredible musicians at your fingertips in Minneapolis.