Smart, sensitive, earthy singer-songwriter with a superb voice and a musical reach that blurs the lines between country, rock, blues and gospel with giddy sureness.”

— Daily Vault

Well Alright...

Tina Schlieske is a Midwestern born and raised, now West Coast-based artist that has been paving her own way in music for nearly three decades. She has fronted many diverse bands, from the wildly popular Minneapolis Americana-Rock band, Tina and the B-Sides, (AKA Tina & the B-Side Movement) to various side projects that range from rock, classic R&B, and more recently, the genres of punk, and jazz. She continues to cross boundaries and genres with her music and her live performances.  

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Hello all you wonderful people...HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! 

I’m sorry this mailer is a little all of you, 2020 has been exhausting in so many ways...for so many the anxiety of our health, the pandemic, the uncertainty of income, the uncertainty of so many things does take its toll...lately we’ve had to deal with some family health issues and scares that has kept my focus on that rather than music but all things seem to be on the mend and in the clear... 

One good thing these past 8 months or so have given us is a lot of time and who i want to spend it with and how i want to spend it has been the reoccurring theme as of with this holiday coming up i just want to say how grateful i am to all you that have come to shows, bought merch, told your friends about our music, and tipped us so generously in our virtual tip jar...I’m so appreciative of it all...THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!! 

Ok, for those of you in the Mid West, do any of you remember the Thanksgivings at Bunker’s we used to do?? 

Well in remembrance of those days we are going to do a live stream this Friday, Nov 27th...since we are all not out of the woods yet and we still need to social distance, let’s pretend we are all in some crowded bar bitchin’ about our Thanksgiving but also feeling so grateful we are all still here!! 

Bunker's Thanksgiving Minneapolis, MN. Nov. 23rd, 1995 

With that i wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving and we will see you Friday in our living room to yours!!! 
Be good to yourselves and others and please, WEAR A DAMN MASK!!


LA Weekly even made us their Music Pick of the week for my jazz show at the Mint...check it out HERE

Check out Tina's interview for The Local Show on 89.3 The Current with Andrea Swensson go HERE!


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